Hop cultivation in the Garden of Sweden

Hop cultivation in the Garden of Sweden Blekinge as the garden of Sweden is a concept that dates back to the end of the 18th century and has its origins in the structure of the landscape. In an interview with SR P4, Professor Roland Gustafsson talks about the small scale and garden ideal that gave birth to the concept in the “mosaic landscape that the region of Blekinge is”. Feel free to listen to the interview below (the interview is in Swedish):

On May 20 this year, 2020, our first hop-rhizomes was put in the soil, and in the following weeks, a number of hop plants of different varieties were also planted. These plants growing-power despite the late date of planting has been very interesting to follow and the lessons are many for next year of hop cultivation.

And yes, there will be a small harvest of a few kilos already this year …


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