Time to harvest the pilsner-hop

Time to harvest the pilsner-hop

Time to harvest the pilsner-hopSaaz, the pilsner-hop, is named and originates from the Bohemian city Zatec (in German: Saaz). It is considered one of the four original noble hops and dates back 700 years. It was in the modern time originally registered in 1952.

Yes, we are talking about the original Saaz from Bohemia that today is a part of the Czech Republic, and that also can be found in HopValley. And, not the varieties of Saaz, that has very different characteristics.

Saaz is generally known as the pilsner-hop, and are setting the flavour for e.g. global beer brands like the Belgian Stella Artois that was launched in 1926, and the Czech Pilsner Urquell that was first launched about 175 years ago.

In HopValley we are now about to harvest Saaz that was planted this spring. It seems to be a good first-year harvest, that all will go into the production of our HopValley Pilsner.

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