Hersbrücker Pure: A Unique Original Taste

Hersbrücker Pure: A Unique Original Taste

Hersbrücker Pure: A Unique Original TasteOrigins and History

Hersbrücker Pure is a hop variety that hails from the Hersbruck region in Bavaria, Germany. This region boasts a long and rich hop-growing tradition, dating back centuries. Hersbrücker Pure is a relatively new variety, developed through careful breeding and selection to bring out specific characteristics desired by brewers. It is considered a “pure” variety, meaning it has not been crossbred with other hop types, preserving its unique genetic heritage, and according to categorisation of the EU Commission is the purest hop-taste of all varieties.


One of the defining characteristics of Hersbrücker Pure is its delicate aroma profile. It exhibits subtle floral and spicy notes, often described as herbal or slightly minty. These aromas contribute to a complex and nuanced beer flavour, making it a sought-after hop for brewers seeking to create well-balanced and flavorful brews.

In terms of alpha acid content, Hersbrücker Pure falls into the low to moderate range. Alpha acids are the compounds responsible for the bitterness in beer. The lower alpha acid content of Hersbrücker Pure makes it suitable for beers where a subtle bitterness is desired, allowing the hop’s aroma and flavour to shine through.

Brewing with Hersbrücker Pure

Hersbrücker Pure is primarily used for aroma and flavour contributions in beer. It is typically added towards the end of the brewing process, during the whirlpool or dry-hopping stages, to maximise its aromatic impact. This hop is particularly well-suited for traditional German beer styles like Pilsners, Helles, and Lagers, where its delicate aroma and flavour complement the malt character of these beers.

However, Hersbrücker Pure is not limited to traditional styles. Its versatility allows it to be used creatively in a wide range of beer styles, including Pale Ales, IPAs, and even some Belgian-style beers. Brewers often experiment with Hersbrücker Pure in combination with other hop varieties to create unique flavour profiles and push the boundaries of brewing innovation.


Hersbrücker Pure is a hop variety that embodies the rich brewing heritage of Germany. Its delicate aroma, subtle bitterness, and versatility make it a valuable ingredient for brewers around the world. Whether used in traditional German beers or innovative craft brews, Hersbrücker Pure continues to captivate beer enthusiasts with its unique and nuanced flavour contributions.

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