HOP and Purest Lager is in the bottles

HOP and Purest Lager is in the bottles

IMG 20230426 083610HOP that stands for Hopvalley Original Pilsner was bottled last week. It is brewed according to the Bohemian tradition, which means the original tradition, of making pilsner. One of the main characteristics is that it is made only on Saaz-hop. After pre-tasted the HOP its flavourousness goes beyond my expectations.


Today, I also bottled the Purest Lager that also after the pre-taste is very promising. It has been named Purest Lager since it mainly is made with Hersbrücker Pure, a hop variety that has the purest hop taste. It is neither characterised as bitter or aromatic, but still the purest. And yes, used as the main flavour-source, it really does magic with the beer. I made an ale in November last year with equally tasty outcome.

Purest Lager Purest Lager in a glass

The blog post in Swedish and possiblity to buy Saaz and Hersbrücker Pure (Hersbrücker Pure will soon be out of stock, but will be back after the harvest in August).

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