The green gold is harvested in HopValley

The green gold is harvested in HopValley

The green gold is harvested in HopValleyThe book about hops by Else-Marie K. Strese and Clas Tollin (only in Swedish) is subtitled “The Green Gold”. With all its beneficial qualities in mind, it really is a description that tells you a lot about the content. As a matter of fact, the aromas, flavors, characteristics, and practical use provide a unique plant, which, alongside beer, is used for pharmaceuticals, tea, and much more. Right now, it is harvest time of the green gold in HopValley, so it is with hop-aromatic hands that I write this.

Two of the Swedish hop varieties, including Norra Hullgard, were harvested just over a week ago with good results. Now the third Swedish hop variety is next in about three to four days. Then it will be another week before it is time for the Czech Saaz hops and another week for the German hop varieties. The hop will also be for experimental use this year. Obviously, for beer production but also other things where hops are a crucial component. Since hop really live up to the description as the green gold.

Hop on the way to harvestHop is being dehydrated

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