Return of the Light Drink – naturally produced on Malt, Hops and water

Return of the Light Drink – naturally produced on Malt, Hops and water

Return of the Light Drink – naturally produced on Malt, Hops and water
Brewery from the end of 19th Century

In the book “Handbook for Light Drink brewers – Practical-theoretical – prepared on the basis of his own twenty years of experience and the scientific discoveries of world-famous authorities” (only in Swedish), the reader gets interesting insights from the production in an industry that grew rapidly around the year 1900. The author of the book that was published in 1892 was the Brewmaster Jean Lindberg who also wrote the book “Theoretical and practical manual for beer brewers” (only in Swedish). In addition to his personal interest and professional experience, Lindberg gives the following incentive for the book:

“With the powerful sobriety efforts of today, the production of the Light Drink has recently swung up to a rather significant industry, with the daily experience showing that it can gain even greater ground.”

Today, however, Light Drink production is limited to one larger brewery in Sweden and although micro-brewery production also exists, it is extremely modest. At the same time, various forms of soda with unnatural substances celebrate great triumphs in the beverage market. Where often the high sugar quantity is the “drug” that keeps customers coming back to buy these lab-made drinks.

Return of the Light Drink

Light Drink from Hopvalley
Light Drink from Hopvalley that was brewed before Christmas

Then, it is better with drinks like the Light Drink where the sweetness comes directly from the malt and no added sugar is required. And where additional flavours come from the hops with its endless combination possibilities and flavours. This both can make it a natural to drink it to lunch and supper, or as a social drink with a very low amount of alcohol. The brew I did before Christmas has an alcohol amount of 0.26%.

With all the craft brewers that today is brightening the beer lover’s well-being, there are now all the prerequisites for the return of Light Drink. Recipes for Light Drink can be found in my newly published book “Matresan genom Småland” (only in Swedish at the moment), but please contact me for advice. Please comment or contact me via the contact form.